About Us

Vetiver Les Cayes (VLC) is a global lifestyle brand that develops artisanal and small- batch products that showcases Haiti’s natural resources. Our vision is to help redress the negative image of Haiti by providing eco-conscious friendly consumers with unique and design forward products made with all natural essential oils.

VLC products are made with all natural essential oils (i.e. Vetiver, Amyris and Moringa) grown and harvested in Haiti. We crafted a signature line of hand-poured candles with fresh scents and hand-crafted artisanal soap bars.

The “savon espwa” (espwa means hope) line of hand-made crafted soap bars are produced exclusively by Haitian women.

Our aim is to establish regional modern and design-forward manufacturing facilities in Haiti that produces our own exclusive product lines and teaches the Haitian locals the candle and soap making trade and skill set. Our goal is to stimulate economic empowerment opportunities for Haitian women artisans and makers that live on less than USD $2 a day.